The Purpose of Our Surveys

Bringing Vitality to Your Church

The purpose of the surveys is to:

  1. Evaluate spiritual and leadership characteristics of the members and constituents of a local church.
  2. Develop spiritual profiles of each church that are of great value in strategic planning and that enable a church to compare itself with other churches that have taken the Survey.
  3. Use additional surveys to probe each of these profiles in more depth and assess response to various ministries or design unique surveys for each church.
  4. Monitor the changes that occur in a church as new plans are implemented to improve ministries.
  5. Offer Surveys in paper form or in an “online” version that can be taken on a PC or other mobile devices.  To see one of our surveys in a printed form, please request a copy and we will email it to you.

Why Confidentiality Is Important:

We get more honest answers when we can assure absolute confidentiality to those taking the survey. Thus, we help the churches create a survey database with the contact information of their constituents.This survey is kept confidential by use of of a Unique Identification (UID) code for each person taking the survey. The benefit of this is:

  1. Confidentiality: We can assure confidentiality by separating contact data from the survey answers. The contact information is kept by their local church while their confidential responses are kept by the bonded Survey Processing Company. The church only gets a summary report of the answers to the survey. They do not have access to the individual responses to the survey.
  2. UID codes: Because each UID is permanently assigned to a constituent, they can take many different surveys and the results merged together and tracked over time. These longitudinal studies are vitally needed to analyze the results of the changes churches may implement to improve their ministries.
  3. Online Versions: Prior to answering the survey, this UID must be entered into the computer, tablet, or handheld device. A disclaimer on the web page will assure the respondents that their answers are guaranteed to be confidential as nobody who has access to their individual responses also has access to their contact data.
  4. Printed Versions: The UID code is either stamped or written on each individual’s survey. Once the surveys are completed they are placed in a sealed box and sent to our bonded Secure Surveys processing company that enters the data into the Survey Processing System.
  5. Cost: Each church must contact us to get a quote. As a non-profit ministry we are only interested in covering our costs to produce the survey. This cost will depend on the number taking the survey, the number of paper surveys required, the reports required by the church, and the amount of time needed from our staff to assist the church in administering the survey and interpreting the results.

Overview of Forms: We also offer customized forms to churches who utilize our surveys. These that can be inserted into the websites of churches and organizations that can help identify and recruit persons to serve in various ministries. To learn more about this feature please contact us by clicking here.