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Faithfully obeying Christ's command: "Everyone who has an ear must listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches" Rev. 3:22
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If you are a loving follower of the Lord Jesus Christ you should be overjoyed to realize that He has given us a guaranteed way to be blessed in our daily walk with Him.

Jesus cared so passionately about our receiving this blessing that He came back to the Island of Patmos to tell the Apostle John about it. He also commanded the last living Apostle to write a letter about this and send that letter to you and me and every other servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How do we receive the blessing? We do it by hearing and understanding the message His Holy Spirit is telling the followers of Christ who make up the local assemblies of believers we call the churches.

How do we hear this message? When we are living in a world with more than a billion people who call themselves Christians, the only realistic way is through the use of Surveys that help us identify the people who are the most likely to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

This is the primary purpose of the Church Vitality Survey!

Everyone who has an ear must listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches” (Rev. 2:7-3:22).

  • Overal Church Health 78% 78%
  • Christology 65% 65%
  • Salvation 56% 56%
  • Service 71% 71%
  • Mission 47% 47%
  • Your Title Goes Here 50% 50%
  • Your Title Goes Here 50% 50%

You can try this for yourself by selecting one of our Survey options below:

The Full Church Vitality Survey

This will allows you to see our survey in its entirety with all the questions we use to assess the vitality of your church.

10-Question Mobile Sample

Here you can see how the survey can be taken by people using a mobile device.

10-Question Sample for Computer

Here you can see an example of how our survey can be taken using a desktop or laptop computer.

The Gift of Understanding

Take some extra time, if you need it, to discover more about the purpose of the surveys.