Opportunities for Servant Partners

This opportunity is for anyone willing to reach out a helping hand in our community during times of crisis or community-wide events that strain our normal resources.

We also have many who are in need of assistance on a regular basis. This includes veterans, senior members, handicapped persons, single-parent homes, abandoned or abused children, educationally-disadvantaged persons, under-employed and unemployed persons in need of training and mentoring. Individuals may enlist to help in this Division without regard to their religious affiliation. We do require that persons applying to help in this area have references and are of trusted character.

We need volunteers to respond for a limited period of time or for certain days or hours during the day. This is especially true during natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, flooding, extraordinary weather events, earthquakes, and medical emergencies. Additional community-wide crisis events that are man-made include such things as terrorist attacks, economic emergencies, and loss of community-wide resources like water, food, shelter, and fuel.


Here is how you can help:

Servant Partners Who Provide Manual Labor and Resources

Many crisis events can occur in our community where individuals who can perform or assist with manual labor are urgently needed. For example, if a large tornado, hurricane, or earthquake were to strike our community, as has happened in other communities, individuals, livestock, and pets can be trapped in damaged structures. This would create an immediate need for Servant Partners who have the ability, equipment, and/or the physical resources to aid the professional first responders in our community. If you would like to apply for this volunteer position, please contact us.

Servant Partners Who Provide Facilities and Equipment

Most of the community-wide crisis events also create an extraordinary need for vehicles, equipment, temporary shelter, and food for large numbers of persons. Some crisis events can easily overwhelm the resources that are available from government entities. This is where individuals, churches, non-profit organizations, and businesses can make a significant difference to a community in a time of a crisis. If you would like to apply for this volunteer opportunity, please contact us.

Servant Partners Who Provide Professional Assistance

There are also many crisis events that can strike a community that overwhelm the professional resources available through government agencies, hospitals, and similar entities. Qualified Servant Partners who can render first aid and medical help may be urgently needed when first responders within the community are overwhelmed. Other professionals who may be needed are persons with training in police work or firefighting who are not currently active with governmental agencies. And, emergencies can create an urgent need for professionals who can counsel individuals who are bereaved or overwhelmed by the crisis. Many other professional skills might be needed in the event of community-wide crisis events. If you would like to apply for this volunteer position, please contact us.