Meet Jeremy Schell

Chairman of the Board

Chairman Jeremy has been a major part of Growth Ministries Int. since its founding in 2013. He and his family are active in the North Point Community Church, along with other Christian ministries. He recently completed a Missional Coaches training program with Dr. Bob Whitesel of the Biblical Leadership ministry.

His love for entrepreneurship and missions has led him to travel to numerous countries teaching business principles to believers who want to grow God’s Kingdom.

Jeremy is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a major in Business Management. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and currently serves as Vice President of Business Development for Technology Transformation Management.

He started his business career working in the personal computer industry with his dad at Omega Information Systems, and then formed his own company to sell computers to the Veterans Administration.

He used this company to pay his way through college, after which he worked as a sales consultant for Paetec Systems and then worked in a similar capacity with Windstream Communications. Jeremy and his wife Nancy live in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, Georgia with their daughter Madeline and son Ethan.