The Heavens Declare His Glory

Horsehead Nebula in InfraredJesus created an awesome universe: This spectacular photograph of the Horsehead Nebula is a breathtaking display of the power of the Creator whom we serve.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands. Day after day they pour out speech; night after night they communicate knowledge. (Psalm 19:1-2 HCB)

A Christian Professor proved that the universe was created and is continuing to grow: A Roman Catholic priest named Georges Lemaître actually proved that the universe is still expanding and growing and that it all began from a single creation event at some point in the distant past; we know this today by the term “The Big Bang.”

By studying the stars we can learn much about God: Psalm 19:2 reveals the fact that the stars themselves communicate knowledge about our Creator. Thus, we know that all good things are growing. We also know that the same Jesus who created the universe to grow also created the Church, and He also wants it to grow (see Matthew 16:18).

God believes in Growth and so do we: That is why we have chosen the name Growth Ministries International. We know that God wants His Kingdom to grow, and we are passionate about imploring the Lord to use our ministry to grow His Church and His Kingdom.

God created systems and we must use them for His glory: One of the other important things we learn about God from a study of the universe is that He is a great designer of systems. In fact, the entire universe is one interconnected system. Here are just a few of His universal systems that also have a major impact on the Church and on our individual lives.

God’s Designs

Examples of Celestial Systems: One of His most important systems to us is the Solar System. Scientists have now discovered that there is an intricate relationship between the earth, the moon, the sun, and the other planets that is so precisely balanced that even the slightest change in any part of our solar system could lead to the most dire consequences for the earth. For example, if giant Jupiter was not located precisely where it is many astronomers believe our earth would be constantly bombarded by killer asteroids. This type of inter-relationship is one of the features of a cybernetic system.

Cybernetic Systems Defined: Let us give a simple explanation of what this means and why it is important for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of how a local church functions as an organization designed by Jesus Christ to make disciples. There are many definitions of cybernetics. For the purposes of teaching, studying, and improving organizations, and especially churches, we have created a somewhat unique definition:

A cybernetic system is any collection of entities that have a relationship to one another such that a significant change made to any one of the entities has a significant effect on some or all of the other entities in that cybernetic system. This change in the system creates a state of disequilibrium that causes all affected entities in the system to generate a feedback to the entity or entities producing the change such that the system seeks to return to a state of equilibrium.

Cybernetic Systems Illustrated: The most important cybernetic system we all have is our own bodies. Our bodies contain trillions of unique cells that are all part of one or more of the systems that God has created in our bodies. For example, the Circulatory System includes such things as our blood, our heart, veins, arteries and numerous other body parts. The Skeletal System includes such things as our bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The majority of experts agree that their are 12 major systems in the body. And, because they all interact with each other, we must understand these systems if we are to have good health and be able to treat diseases of the body. It is also important that we have ways to measure the health and function of these systems so we can promote physical well being.

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