Reaching Millennials for Christ

Finding ways to reverse this decline in disciples

GMI was created as an umbrella ministry that can help start a number of more specialized ministries in the future.

Because of the catastrophic decline in attendance and commitment to Christian churches in the USA, we believe our first priority has to be finding ways to reverse this decline.

Current Ministry: Now Generation Ministries

The mission of Now Generation Ministries is to help reverse the decline in the American churches by emphasizing the truths about evangelism and Christian maturity taught by Jesus Christ in the first century to 21st-century Christians. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

As we are able to enlist more churches and individual Christians to work together on projects that build the Kingdom of God, we will prayerfully seek the direction of the Lord on how we can utilize this cooperation to reach even more of the Now Generation for Christ and His glory. Two ministries that we have considered are the Communication Division and the Community Support Division.

Future Ministries: Communication Division

God is committed to communicating with the entire human race (Psalm 19:1-4). Thus, one of our goals is to become a trusted source of information and resources for our Faith-Based Community (FBC). This includes individual Christians, Christian businesses, Christian professionals, local churches, and non-profit ministries.

We also want to be a trusted source of information and resources to the Secular Community (SC). This will enable us to be a “divine connection” between the FBC and the SC. Though this connection we can help fulfill the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). Only then can God’s Great Commandment be realized – that we should love God and our neighbors with all of our minds, hearts, and strength (Matthew 22:36-39).

Click here to learn the ways we can become a trusted source of information for both the Faith-Based Community (FBC) and the Secular Community (SC).

Future Project – Community Support Division

Ultimately, we want to be a bridge between the Faith-Based Community (FBC) and the Secular Community (SC). The FBC is made up of all followers of Jesus Christ, churches, Christian ministries, and other religious organizations. On the other hand, the SC is made up everyone in our community without regard to their religious affiliation. The Lord Jesus Christ emphasized the need for this bridge in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37 -39).

Jesus taught us that God wants everyone to love Him with everything we have – just as He loves us. He also taught that God wants us to love our neighbors in the same way. When the FBC demonstrates their love for God by loving their neighbors, this pleases God and creates a bridge between God and those who do not experience His love. Our goal is to help demonstrate this bridge in a number of unique ways.

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